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Performing Can-ilingus...

A bit about the pink bits...

"There is not enough vagina paraphernalia. There is penis this and penis that, but where is the vagina?"

A dining table in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, is where this very question saw the conception of can-ilingus - the vaginas answer to the penis straw.

Some would argue that the idea of can-ilingus might have been best left alone. But if you are like us (love vaginas and ice cold beverages served in the finest of aluminium vessels) then you could appreciate that this combination is too good to ignore! So - we didn't.

Its the first time we've been excited to see another set of lips on our drink, and we couldn't be happier.

get your lips on it, too!

For the love of all...

We have designed Can-ilingus with everyone in mind. Whatever your identity or preference, if you like to get down and you like a drink (or you know someone who does) this is the product you need!

Hens & Bucks shows, Birthdays etc. are perfect places to share the love and have a laugh.

Let me party with Can-ilingus!

Are We compatible?

What cans can?

Compatibility is so important in all good relationships. Can-ilingus is no different. Be sure to check your favourite beverage can for size before ordering. Can-illingus fits the standard can rim diameter of 54mm. Any cans with rim diameter under this, such as slim can sizes, will not fit correctly.

Want to see the range expanded?


Am I doing it right?

As any aficionado of the art of cunnilingus knows; there is good technique and there is bad. We, at Roger That Products cannot stress enough that can-illingus is not a sex toy. Its sole purpose is to provide a laugh while consuming a can delivered beverage. Roger that products is not liable for any injury sustained from misuse of can-ilingus. Tongues, fingers, and genitalia must be kept out of it! Drink responsibly.

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